With this slow-cooked Sindhi Tidli Dal, you can give your regular dal a new twist


Dals are a staple in Indian households. One can say that our meals are incomplete when a dal is not present on our plates. But to eat the same kind of dal every day can get a little boring. You may spice it up according to your taste, but the taste gets repetitive over time. While we have tried many variations of a dal, this Sindhi tidli dal would be one of a kind to make. Sindhi cuisine has been inspired largely by the Mughals, Arabs, Turks, and other kingdoms that ruled over the Sindh region at various times.

Sindhis have certain unique food preparation methods, one of which is known as seyal, in which the cook must prepare the cuisine with onion or ginger-garlic base. Tamate mein or something cooked in tomato gravy is another popular technique of preparation.

Using the unique styles and flavours, Sindhi tidli dal is something you will enjoy making and eating. In Sindhi, ‘tidli’ means ‘three dals,’ that being chana dal, urad dal, and green chilka dal. These dals are blended and pressure cooked. It’s a hearty Sindhi dish that goes well with rotis or dodas. The tidli dal is enhanced by a rich tadka cooked with ghee and a strong taste of garlic and cumin seeds and asafoetida. This tidli dal is prepared in every Sindhi home since it is high in nutrients and proteins.

How To Make Tidli Dal | Tidli Dal Recipe

To make this dal, you would require half a cup of chaana dal and green moong dal, one-fourth cup of urad dal, half teaspoon turmeric powder, two finely chopped tomatoes, five garlic cloves, one finely chopped green chilli, one tablespoon of ghee and cumin seeds, one teaspoon of heeng (asafoetida), salt and chilli powder according to taste.

Take chaana dal, green moong dal and urad dal and soak them for two hours. Then add these dals to a pressure cooker and throw in the salt, turmeric powder, tomato, green chilli and ginger with three cups of water and pressure cook it for three-four whistles. After that, put your dal into a bowl. Prepare a tadka using ghee, cumin seeds, heeng, chilli powder and chopped garlic. Pour this tadka from the top, and your Sindhi Tidli Dal is ready!

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