People are creating pancake cereal during lockdown and it looks incredible !

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New Delhi (Tisha Bhatia) :There’s been plenty of lockdown food trends that we’ve loved – banana bread, sourdough and cooking up your favourite dishes from chains at home. But the latest trend for pancake cereal looks incredible. The idea is that you create tiny pancakes in a pan, making them crispy and fluffy inside. You can then add your favourite toppings to create a really special treat.

People have been loving the idea on TikTok, with hundreds of videos of people showing the method.

The idea is you get a pan and drop tiny 1p size blobs of pancake batter onto it. You can use a squeezy bottle, piping bag or just a sandwich bag with the corner cut off to give you more control over the shape and size. Just let them cook and then gently flip them over, trying to keep them apart so they don’t stick together. Once they are cooked on both sides, put them all in a bowl and choose some toppings – butter and maple syrup are good options.

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