How to Get Clear skin : Best skincare Routine for Men and women


Before following any skin routine you should know about what is your skin type? To know what is your skin type you should follow one method and that’s you should wash your face thoroughly and keep dry it for atleast 1 hour remember not to apply anything on your face then after you check your face if your face is shining, it means your face is oily and if you experiencing roughness or tightness, it means your skin is dry. If experience neither shine or not roughness it means your skin is normal. These are the three main types of skin but apart from this there is one another type which is combination of dry and oily skin which can be identified bye your forehead and nose (seems shiny).

Today I am going to tell you about 2 types of face pack which suits all the skin types:

Coffee and milk mask

To prepare this face mask you should take 1 spoon of coffee powder and some raw milk in a sufficient amount to maintain thickness. After washing your face with water apply the paste in your face thoroughly and rest your face about 20 minutes and after wash it. This paste can reduce acne and pimple because it contains anti-oxidants, coffee help to reduce ageing and brighten your skin, or it can reduce dark circles and also the caffeine improve your blood circulation. On other hand milk contains vitamin A which is necessary for skin development. It removes oil and dirt and act as a natural moisturizer. Apply this mask thrice a week for better results.

Aloe Vera Gel Mask

To make this face mask you should need aloe vera gel, rose water, coconut oil and lemon juice and to prepare add 2 spoons of rose water in aloe vera gel ,2 spoon of coconut oil and 1 spoon lemon juice. After mixing it apply your skin thoroughly before going to bed and leave it overnight. And then wash it on morning with normal water. Aloe Vera gel has a anti-microbial properties and keep your skin hydrated and also contains beta keratein, vitamin A,C and E helps to repair collagen. It will brighten and smoothing your skin. Apply this mask on a regular basis and see your results within three days.

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