A Marvelous feat of a 7 years old girl is recorded in India Book of Records


New Delhi March 18, 2020: Pearlmeet, a resident of Sirsa, created a record in India Book of Records at the tender age of 7 years.

Pearlmeet is third grade student of Saint MSG Glorious International School. She is an intelligent girl and has a passion for learning new things.

According to her parents Jasmeet Singh, President of Shah Satnam Ji Stadium Cricket Academy and Husnmeet , Pearlmeet was intelligent since her childhood days. Her teachers always appreciated her for her dedication and her memorization power. This motivated her parents to take an attempt to make a record.

On 17th February 2020. She displayed her talent at India Book of Record in Delhi. She made a record by naming all the 118 elements of the periodic table within 38 seconds. The authorities were mesmorized to hear the clarity of her words, her memorization power and the speed in which she completed her feat.

Periodic table is considered to be one of the most important topics in the field of chemistry. The names of 118 elements are quiet difficult. But, for Pearlmeet it was just piece of cake, and she recited all the names at a go. She broke the record of a 9 years old child, Divyam Dada Shaheb from Pune, who is created a record on 16th September 2019 where he completed the periodic table within 43 seconds.

According to the authorities of India Book Of Record. The achievement of Pearlmeet would be recorded in 2021 series of India Book of Record, which will be published in the month of January 2021. India Book of Record felicitated her with certificate and gold medal and appreciated her for her marvelous achievements.

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