I’m from the land : VK-Vaibhav Kanaujia

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VK-Vaibhav Kanaujia

I’m from the land of Gandhi,
Who preached ahimsa’s power in world.
I’m from the land of Bose,
Who showed what strong will can behold.

I’m from the land of Himalayas,
That stands solid in every role.
I’m from the land where flows Ganga,
That enriches the nation’s heart and soul.

I’m from the land of Rani Lakshmibai,
Who rose to heaven protecting her home.
I’m from the land of Ambedkar,
Who strengthened the country manifold.

I’m from the land,
Where Gods of immaculate numbers pervade,
Where religion of every individual is not hate.
Where rivers are worshipped like our mother,
Where teachers are given the status above our father.

I’m from the land,
Which was known as the ‘GOLDEN BIRD’
Before it was subjugated and plundered of its wealth
I’m from the land where Britishers settled for years,
Troubled our ancestors, debilitated them with tears.

I’m from the land
Where Mother Teresa spread the idea of humanity,
Who served the destitute, upheld the charity.
I’m from the land of Abdul Kalam,
Who imparted the importance of education,
To demolish the nesciency, killing the confusion.

I’m from the land that breathes through its people,
Although immense diversity, but unity never feeble.
The rivers are it’s veins and traditions signify fusion,
Of various cultures that blend into fruition.

I’m from the land that seeks to serve humanity,
Since times immemorial,it has grown to popularity.
To whoever our guest may be, we’ re the Indians and we believe in generosity.
Let’s celebrate the land and as true Indians, fill it with prosperity.

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