What’s new in old excise rules;Zero discounts

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In Delhi, Customers are facing problems as they buy liquor from Thursday.The city is switching back to its old government tax policy from September 1 in which Discount on MRP of liquor and “buy one get one” offers are not available too and also discount is not available in wholesale purchase. Private stores and all vends are run by the Delhi Government Agencies.The size of these stores are smaller in size then to the private stores.

All the newly set up government stores are over 300 square feet in size,going up to 1000 sq feet which is larger than the government stores that are operated before withdrawn 2021-22 policy had been kicked in.They are still some lack of clarity on key issue that is the number of dry days in the city has been reduced from 21 to 3 in November 2021.A Delhi government official explained the government usually takes a decision on the number of dry days.The number of dry days change only when the government take decisions in this regards.In terms of pricing, VAT is back,Now 25% VAT will be charged.Delhi government merget VAT and excise duty with license fee.

New policy eventually flopped to replace the sales volume with licensed fee.The lieutenant governor trading blame over the failure and with corruption by the former, the former claimed that the current LG VK saxena and Anil Baijal made last minute changes that militating against the stores opening.An official in the excise department said that excise duty depends upon the brand.The VAT imposing and excise duty are negligible as they are merged with the license fee.The license fee is lower then as it was earlier.

The license fee for government vend is ₹4 lakh for a year.The license fee for a zone under the 2021-22 policy was ₹250 crore.The commission for whole salers will decrease from 12% to 5%.The brand license fee what a brand has to pay to be available in the market.It came back to ₹25 lakh as a against ₹1 lakh policy under the 2021-22.Nearly 350 vends have opened from Thursday and all the remaining vends against the vends issued at different stages for opening and that will be opened by next week.The government should ensure supply of particular brand and availability in the liquor store.

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