PUBG Mobile is going to launch livik map today


New Delhi: PUBG Mobile is currently working on the much-awaited 0.19.0 update that is expected to bring a ton of new features onboard. According to the speculations, the update is said to allow players to fight against boss mummies and cobra snakes in flying pyramid temples. PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update will go live for Android, ios users on Tuesday, July 7 according to YouTuber Powerbang.

The aforementioned update will be available under the upcoming Ancient Secret Mode. In order to bump up the excitement among players, Tencent is said to add two new maps where the players can enjoy the upcoming gameplay mode. One of these maps will be called Livik, which will become the smallest map of the game.

Apart from the two new maps, the players will also be able to enjoy the Ancient Secret Mode on the existing Miramar and Erangel maps. While the new gameplay mode itself sounds quite intriguing, the players will also notice a change in the lobby where the new animation would match the gameplay mode they are about to play.

Since mummies are involved in the gameplay, PUBG Mobile will add pyramids as well. The players will notice three pyramids on the map. They are required to visit each of these locations to find huge structures that look very similar to the Mayan and Aztec pyramids. Once the players manage to enter the location, the upper section of the build will be detached and start floating in the air.

PUBG Mobile will throw players into different types of minigames as the pyramids take off. Upon solving a puzzle in these mini-games, a loot chest will be opened and a message saying the player has been cursed will appear on the screen.

While the things sound quite easy up until now, the challenge is yet to come. Once the users complete the minigames, a special room will open where the players have to complete a boss fight. However, the challenge is still relatively easy and the timing of the challenge totally depends on the player’s ability to shoot.

Upon completing the boss fight, the players will face against a boss mummy that will suddenly appear in the centre of the room guarded by several cobra snakes. The players need to be careful of the cobra snakes as they damage the health upon contact. As for the mummy, the player can shoot at it from one direction and defeat her.

The room also gets a couple of round pads, which can be used to refill the health bar for the users. However, the players need to make sure all the snakes are killed before they try to run towards the pads.

PUBG Mobile players will win a loot chest full of Level 3 gears once they manage to kill the boss mummy. Additionally, the users will also get some unique items like 8x scope, adrenaline syringe and rare weapons for further gameplay.

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