Now Delhi will also get relief from electricity bill, subsidy implemented


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal implemented subsidy on electricity bill. Although this electricity bill subsidy was implemented for all by the Aam Aadmi Party since 2015, but there were some people who did not want this, so in 2022 this subsidy will be implemented with the new rule, this time electricity subsidy will be optional, that is, only those people who wants this and will apply for it by filling the subsidy form before October 31, only they will get this subsidy. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal told that a form will come on the surface of the next bill, this form will have to be filled and whether subsidy is needed or not, after filling the form, it will have to be submitted to the connection center. Where the electricity bill is deposited. The subsidy form can be filled even while sitting at home for this you have to give missed call on 70113111111, it can also be messaged by writing Hi on WhatsApp, after this a message will appear in it, ‘Welcome to Delhi Government Power Subsidy portal. To avail Delhi power subsidy, please proceed.’ After this, it will be written ‘Please select language to proceed’. Then according to the convenience, choose Hindi or English, then further you will be asked for the CA number (which is written on the bill) after entering that, confirm the details. You will then be registered for the subsidy. Apart from this, those who have registered their mobile number with CA number, they will be sent a message for subsidy on their own.

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