New gas cylinder rates implemented in Uttar Pradesh

uttar pradesh

Day by day the price of everything is increasing, in such a situation, the continuous increase in the prices of gas cylinders is a big problem for the people. To get rid of this, the UP government has implemented new gas cylinder rates. Gas cylinders are being consumed a lot every day in India, in such a situation, it has become a big problem for every family to get gas cylinders in sufficient quantity and to overcome this problem, the Uttar Pradesh government has tried to reduce the gas cylinder rate as much as possible. This decision of the government will bring a lot of relief to the people, people will be able to easily bring gas cylinders to their homes at very low prices. This is a composite cylinder, the cost of which is less than Rs 350, it can be easily bought in many cities of UP. 10 kg of gas is filled in this cylinder. For the purchase of composite cylinder, you will have to spend only 750 rupees.

The subsidy will be given by the goverment on the composite gas cylinder as per the normal gas cylinder.

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