Mumbai to Delhi flight experience of Television actor Donal Bisht went back home to Delhi from Mumbai


TV actor Donal Bisht shares that flying back home to Delhi from Mumbai this time was a different kind of an experience altogether, also recalling meeting anxious co-passengers, eager to go home.

“Before travelling, I reached out to those who went back home to check on the safety measures. I also followed all the guidelines provided by the airlines and the government. The situation at the airport was grim, everyone around looked worried. It felt like the set of a sci-fi film with many people wearing PPE kits, everyone wearing masks and face shields,” says the actor, known for TV shows Ek Deewaana Tha and Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop.

After flight operations resumed, Bisht booked a flight first on June 3 but then cyclone Nisarga struck Mumbai and her flight got cancelled. She then finally flew to Delhi on June 5.  

While Bisht expected that the middle seats of the flight would be empty to maintain distance, but to her horror it wasn’t. And she was allotted a middle seat too.

“I got scared when I saw the entire flight was booked. When I enquired about it I got to know that they’re providing passengers on the middle seat with PPE kits to make things safe for all. The entire journey went in making sure I don’t touch my co-passengers sitting on both sides by mistake,” she adds.

She disposed her PPE suit the first thing after reaching Delhi.

“I’m home, quarantine now. My family was happy seeing me but there were no hugs or kisses. We even celebrated my brother’s birthday while maintaining distance and wearing masks,” she adds.

But Bisht shares there was a time when she was losing sleep thinking how she will go home. “There were days when I would get depressed and end up crying. I was even contemplating travelling via road but that didn’t work out,” she says. 

Realising many must be facing similar issues like her, the 25-year-old started a question answer session on Instagram, to reach out to those who wanted to talk. “I would get thousands of messages every time… being able to help others eased out my stress. I’ll be doing more such sessions,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Bisht is getting calls from producers planning to start their projects when work resumes.

“I’ll return to Mumbai next month for work but I’m worried about our safety. I think we all should get our immunity tested. People who don’t have good immunity should stay at home. This is like a life and death situation. I don’t think we should take any risk. I’ll also take time to go back. The other thing is there would be a 30% cut in remuneration across boards but those having higher pay packages are being requested to take a 50% cut. Don’t know how feasible that is,” she says.

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