Little Buddy Pre-School Wins 5th Place At Sparkling Awards

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New Delhi 05 March. Little Buddy Pre-School has been selected to the Top-10 Sparkling Early Years Foundation in the world! This achievement he has received to teach Little Buddy School to the Best Early Years Stage Foundation Curriculum, Little Buddy Preschool along with its staff and parents ensure that children understand this slabus so that their physical and mental development is properly .   

Little Buddy Preschool has placed 5th in the Top-10 Sparkling Awards. The award highlights the hard work with which Little Buddy enhances every child’s ability to learn and develop, helping to make the right decisions in the future.

Smt Ramya Gangadharan, Director-Academics, Little Buddy said on the occasion that our focus is on getting the child to learn the right things. Early Years offers a bright future to every child. The award is an honor for the team that is working very hard to provide fair opportunities for our children to learn.   Little Buddy PreschoolNow in Noida, the school has given its children a happy and safe environment where every child is encouraged to dream, explore and question. There is no hurry to fulfill dreams here but it is prepared to move towards them comfortably. They include both traditional values ​​in the curriculum to give each child a good start to life. They support every child in learning and development, building successful relationships with parents and teachers. It is the school’s belief that every child is special in itself. This school educates children through different means so that every child can understand every subject thoroughly.

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