Jazkirat Singh Launches New Track: Cheat

  • Over 1 million views in just a few days
  • Next track to be released soon

New Delhi March 05, 2019: Just over a year ago, Anjan Jajkirat Singh from ABCD of Singing has created a panic on YouTube. His latest track on Tik Tok is trending tremendously. More than a million views have been received on seeing the sensational track hoax in the voice of Jazzkirat Singh under the banner of T-Series.

Thousands of different types of music videos are uploaded daily on social media, digital platforms and music platforms, but only a few of them are the ones that get attention as well as the love of the people. Rockstar Jazzkirat Singh, the heartbeat of young people, has done a similar big bang in the past. For 24-year-old Jazzkirat, who showed his vocal skills with heart-rending tracks for today’s Young Generation, it is truly like a dream come true.

Journey of success is non stop

Dardabra Punjabi Geet Cheat… that this is the third major success of Jazzkirat Singh in just one year with success. But like many people, this journey of singing was not so easy.

Jazzkirat, who came to the music industry without knowing himself, goes back a little and says about himself, initially I was very confused about my decision to enter the music industry because the singing field has its big challenges, which I had to face it too. Since I am not from the community of singers, I was tagged with Naan Singer at every step. Then when I went to the music directors, they told me money for simple songs. But I did not give up and started working on everything related to singing.

Won the battle with the language of music

There is a very famous saying that Music is the language that everyone understands i.e. music is the language that everyone understands .

In Jajjkirat Singh’s case this is true. Because the listeners listening and watching their songs have given more attention to language and words than their voice, melodies, rhythms and emotions coming from the depths of the heart. And this is the reason that after seeing his first track Basicly… his number of fans started increasing.

The first success changed everything in Jazzkirat’s life. He further says- ‘It is said that with true dedication and hard work, with the blessings of the elders, success is attained. My parents have supported me a lot. Whatever the situation, they have been very positive in all my work and have stood firmly with me. Yes, it is true that I did not even know the ABC of singing. Because I wanted to go into acting, but now I am learning methodical singing. Now this is my career, this is my passion.

Delhi Delhi shaved on desi beats   

Jazzkirat Singh hails from Delhi. His father is a businessman who has a designer store in Karol Bagh under the name Sahil Fashion Bazaar. In business, he also shares his father’s hand. Because he always wanted to go to films, but luck has given him a chance to spread his wings in the music world, which he is very happy about.

 The other tracks of Jazzkirat Singh including Cheat… can be heard on all digital platforms and music platforms like Gana.com, Geo Saavn, ITunes, Wink etc.        

Caravan of Superhit Tracks…

  •  The first track Basic… Saga Music launched in the year 2018. People liked this song from the day of launching. The great success of this song resonated far and wide, leading to the joining of Jazzkirat Singh with the world’s largest music company T-Series. 
  •  Second track punjabi suit…. The first track with T-Series was launched in August 2018. This track also proved to be a mega hit. The song has received over 1.5 million views so far.
  •  The third track, Baba Nanak… is a devotional song launched by Shemaroo in the month of November last year, which was well received by the people. This song is very touching with the tune of faith and prayer.
  •  The fourth track Cheat… With T-Series once again, the song of the success flag is launched recently and is in tremendous trend.
  •  The fifth track – to be released soon.   

Jazzkirat Singh Video links: – 

Basically:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDpcPnznVwA

Suit Punajbi:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3pkMGPXj6Q  

Baba Nanak:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87Nbl0XyxT0  

Dhokha :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFXKx5DJcQ0  

Golden Era Mashup (cover song):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-J2jZXl7jA 

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