For Mandana Karimi pets are the biggest support system in the lockdown


Actor Mandana Karimi says that her pets have been her saviours in this self-quarantine period owing to Covid-19. Her pets helped her preserve her sanity by being their cuddly, adorable and compassionate selves.

 Almost two months into the lockdown, actor Mandana Karimi says has had good days and bad days. Being away from family and friends hasn’t been easy. In these trying times, her pet dogs, Elvis and Walnut have been her biggest support. The actor celebrated her birthday last month with the two loves of her life, her adorable dogs.

“We had super fun! I dressed in the pillow challenge theme, made a cake for my dogs with ingredients that they can eat. I clicked a lot of pictures with them, played various games and they kept running around me in such joy. It was such a lovely birthday,” says Karimi.

Karimi says that her furry babies understand her mood, and stay by her side when she feels low. “When I am sad, later, they keep their paws on my shoulder, lick my toe, they give me so much love that I feel positive about life despite the harsh times we are going through,” says Karimi. 

Amid self-isolation, these furry four-legged creatures have taught humanity that it’s all about love, compassion and meaningful connections. Their amazing energy and enthusiasm is something we need to learn from in order to survive any pandemic. In return, we need to be there for them, unconditionally. 

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