eSIM: Discussion of eSIM of iPhone 14 is happening everywhere, know what is this technology and what are its disadvantages


What is eSIM: Apple recently launched its latest model iPhone 14. In this phone, the company has completely introduced the eSIM concept. Although this concept is not new. It has been in use for a long time, but except for the iPhone 14, eSIM is used as an alternative to another SIM in most smartphones. That is, other phones also get the facility of eSIM with a physical SIM tray, but the iPhone 14 has now forced other smartphones to adopt this new technology. At present, in the midst of discussions about the iPhone 14, people are trying to know more and more about e-SIM. Let us tell you what is eSIM, what are its disadvantages.

What is eSIM?

The term eSIM stands for Embedded-Subscriber Identity Module. Traditional SIM cards are viewable whereas eSIMs are inbuilt in your phone and cannot be viewed. It does not require a SIM tray like a traditional SIM tray. Simply put, it is like an internal memory in your phone which cannot be removed but you can save your data. eSIMs are also capable of rewriting, meaning you can change your operator whenever you want. Two conditions are necessary to use eSIM – first that your phone supports eSIM technology, second that your network provider has its facility. This is because, like the physical SIM, you also need to activate the eSIM digitally by the telecom operator. eSIM has nothing to do with internet speed or better cellular reception. It is like a digital copy of your SIM card. It is also important to note that a user cannot have both an eSIM or a SIM for the same mobile number at the same time.

Disadvantages of eSIM

eSIM is non-swappable. That is, in case of physical SIM, if you are traveling then you can easily swap your home SIM with another SIM but it is not possible with eSIM. Also, with eSIM you have to contact your network operator every time you want to change your phone. As mentioned earlier, eSIMs do not give one the freedom to have physical control of the SIM card. For starters, you can’t take out the SIM card and it’s never easy to get started with a new phone. One can easily track eSIM.

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