Elon Producing Kids As Mars Needs More People

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“Mars needs people”, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk continually stays in news, whether or not it’s for the twists in his wear-down Twitter or his ever-expanding kin. Earlier in July, reports emerged that the Tesla boss had twins with an executive of his nanotech company Neuralink. With the arrival of the twins, Elon Musk is now a father of 9 kids.

He has 5 children along with his ex-wife, author Justine Wilson, and 2 with singer Grimes. Among those who congratulated Musk on his new babies was the owner of the NBA, Mark Cuban also known as one of the main “shark” investors on the ABC reality show Shark Tank.

Cuban was unconcealed within the Full Send Podcast that he texted Musk once the news is skint. ” He had another kid, right? This was before the last three or whatever it was” Cuban said on the podcast. ” I’m like, Dude, congratulations, how many are you going to have?” Musk’s response was fitting, considering his ambition to place humans on Mars. “Mars needs people,” he told Cuban.

Musk owns SpaceX, and the commencement attribute of that is to form life multi-planetary. The rich person, presently the world’s richest person, believes that sinking humans on alternative planets, like Mars, may preserve civilization if the planet were to witness a catastrophe. ” History is going to bifurcate in two directions. One path is we stay on Earth forever, and then there will be some eventual extinction event,” Musk said in 2016. “The alternative is to become a spacefaring civilization and a multi-planet species, which I hope you would agree is the right way to go.”

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