Countless innocent dogs are being brutally killed in Kerala, heartbreaking news


Humanity drowned, man is no longer a human Seeing such a painful scene filled my heart, how can someone be so stone-hearted. This incident is of a village in kannur (north kerala), where at least more than 40 innocent dogs have been brutally killed by applying potassium cyanide injection. It is being said that all this is being done at the behest of a outskirts gram panchayat of kannur city, 40 stray dogs have been allegedly killed by a four-member team against which animal lovers protested vigorously on Saturday, which was ignored. The mass killing came to light when panchayat authorities tried to bury the carcasses of dogs discreetly. The killed strays include some puppies also, this is being done because cases of dog attacks are being seen for the last few days. And when animal-lovers questioned the mass culling they were allegedly manhandled by people who supported the move. The village had reported many dog-bite cases in the recent past.“When we tried to stop the mindless killing we were threatened with dire consequences. Even the police initially refused to accept our compliant,” said Dr Suhma Prabhu, an animal lover. The police later detained four members of the team and seized two bikes used to ferry carcasses. Animal-lovers are also planning to file a complaint with the animal welfare board. “It was a well planned mass killing. The number was limited to 40 when we intervened. One of the members of the killer squad told us that they were given a contract to cull at least 100 dogs. Now the only hope is that, strict action should be taken in this case as soon as possible and those who were involved in this work should be punished severely so, that no one can take such a wrong step in future.

It is wrong to hurt or kill any innocent animal, both human and animal are priceless on this earth, both are a beautiful creation of God, which we cannot harm.

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