Archana Puran seems to be unhappy with the roles she has been portraying


Archana Puran seems to be a little unhappy with the roles she has been portraying. She feels deprived and cheated as an actor.She seems envious of Neena Gupta as the latter is currently enjoying her Bollywood comeback with different out-of-the-box roles with back-to-back hits. Archana Shared “They say if you keep getting the same roles, it means you are very lucky, that people want to keep watching you. However, I feel it’s the death of an actor. I remember Neena Gupta had once posted on social media seeking work, I guess I will take this opportunity to ask for work from directors and producers.”

She added, “That chhaap is so solid. Also, a lot of people feel that what should they offer me after Ms Briganza. It’s been almost 25 years since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai released. And the character is still following me. People also feel that I am best suited only for comedy.As an actor, I feel deprived, cheated and I have been left yearning for good roles”.

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