Actor Gulshan Devaiah gave a reality check on Monday, when he wrote in a tweet that ‘Bollywood is not a family’


Actor Gulshan Devaiah has rejected the theory that Bollywood is a ‘family’. He was reacting to a statement by actor Meera Chopra, in which she’d apologised on behalf of the film industry for not standing by Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant was found dead at his Mumbai apartment on Sunday, at the age of 34.

In a tweet, Gulshan wrote, “Really sorry to be doing this but Bollywood is not a family , it never was and never will be . If one thinks it’s a family .. there is the problem. Bollywood is an imaginary name for a place of work that’s it . I am really not trying to put anybody down here & sorry if it seems.”

In her original post, Meera had written that several people in the industry had known of Sushant’s personal problems, “but nobody came out and helped.” She wrote that the industry can turn its back on an actor even if one movie of theirs flops. “True, Bollywood is a small family, but a kind of family which is never there when you need them,” she’d written.

Celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani had also shared similar sentiments on social media. She’d written, “It’s no secret Sushant was going through very tough times for the last few years. No one in the industry stood up for him nor did they lend a helping hand. To post about him today is the biggest display of how shallow the industry really is. No one here is your friend. RIP.”

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