Achieved third degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and registered his name in India Book Of Records


New Delhi: Azad Sujan Parikh is the youngest child to hold a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. He was born on March 01, 2008 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He achieved 3rd Dan Black Belt certificate in Taekwondo from Kukkiwon, South Korea (Poom Certificate) on November 28, 2019 only at the age of 11 years, 8 months and 27 days, for this achievement he is accoladed by India Book Of Records.

The guidance of my coach MASTER SHIVRAM MAKWANA is the biggest inspiration for me to achieve this title. He is doing Taekwondo since the age of only 4 years.

Azad Said that “I went on a last minute trip to korea to participate in the 10th world Taekwondo culture expo. I was amazed to see the level of training and performances by the participants. It was very inspiring to see all this live”.

Sometimes finding a partner for sparring was challenging of the same height, weight. Also going for competitions and missing school was difficult.

Azad Parikh achieved his 3rd Degree Black Belt in November 2019 and has been training under Shivram Makwana, President of Universal Taekwondo Federation and Azad Parikh has also achieved Gold medal in 4th International Taekwondo Championship of UTF held on 2017, Silver and Bronze Medals in Poomsae (patterns) and kyorugi (sparring)in International Championships in 2018 at South Korea with different participants across the World. Azad is a very dedicated student with lots of sincerity and hard training”says Coach,Master Shivram Makwana.

Azad wants to tell everyone to learn a self defence martial art. Don’t worry about winning medals & awards. Do it for your safety and well being. Whichever activity you choose, do it for a long time and don’t leave it midway.

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