A Child’s Art Honored By India Book Of Records

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New Delhi 08 November 2019. Saiprajan Jayakumar (2 years and 8 months), a child from Chennai, Tamil Nadu who has made his place in the India Book of Records for the art of identifying and understanding things, was honored as “an astute toddler” .

Jaipumar and Priyamvada’s son Saiprajan names over 400 photographs (wild, domesticated, oceanic, reptiles), colors, shapes, vegetables, fruits, traffic, birds, sports, musical instruments, body parts, months, days, Traffic lights, food items, solar system houses. These wooden puzzles containing animals, vehicles, fruits, shapes, alphabets can solve it very well. He can clearly recite more than 20 poems.

Saiprajan’s mother says that “when he was 5 months old, he liked to touch and feel the books, then I understood that Saiprajan was interested in books.” He is always ready to read books. Since then I have taught him every activity through books, he has more than 100 books on his shelf. Realizing her craze for books, I started teaching her 400 words through vegetables, fruits, animal names, pictures, fruits, vegetables, vehicles and many more. He understood books so quickly that he read about 10 books in a week. He also enjoys flash cards through which he can play different types of birds, Identifies various shapes and colors. He also reads a lot of story books and his curiosity is growing. Her curiosity and enthusiasm to learn things encouraged me to showcase her talent and for this I was given a great platform by the India Book of Records. “

She would like to thank the India Book of Records for providing a wonderful platform to her child.

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