5-Year Geography Expert Appreciated By India Book Of Records

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New Delhi March 9 , 2020 : Mr. Sanjeevanan Amarnath, the only five-year-old boy living in Canada, was praised by India Book of Records. Mr. President is a scholar child who can identify the flags of all countries and the flags of the provinces of Canada and the states of the United States. He can also identify 195 countries, 20 foreign territories and island countries on the world map and identify all the states of India, the provinces of Canada and the states of the United States in the map and name their capitals.

His parents say, “When Sanjeevanan was three years old, we realized that he was able to remember street signs and identify their names using the shop’s logo. He used to watch the flags very keenly. Seeing his interest, we encouraged him by getting the flag books from the library and gave him a poster of the world map. He likes to watch videos related to flags and maps on YouTube. He compared everything he saw in YouTube with books and maps. He started with continents and oceans and eventually learned about all flags and was able to identify all continents, countries and oceans in a map. He is a very curious child full of questions. Things they are interested in, We will always encourage them to learn those things. Apart from flags and maps he is also very interested in planets and stars and knows about all planets and dwarf planets. He loves reading about all these and is very attracted to rockets and satellites. Now he has taken an interest in learning periodic tables and wants to learn about all the elements. “

Shri’s parents thank the India Book of Records for providing an amazing platform to his talent.

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