Fears of a third wave of COVID-19 have prompted the government to issue an updated treatment protocol for children


Union Health Ministry is likely to issue an updated treatment protocol to deal with the multi-inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) which is reported among children within 2-6 weeks of recovery from COVID-19.

The move comes amid fears of a surge in COVID-19 among children in the potential third wave.

The Health Ministry officials have been asserting that the pediatric population in the country has, largely been asymptomatic so far with not more than 2-3% cases of multi-inflammatory syndrome needing hospitalisation. But they also cautioned that the situation could change in the possible third wave of COVID-19 if the virus changes its behavior or if there are changes in epidemiology dynamics.

“The needs of the pediatric population will be arranged and no gaps will be left,” NITI Aayog member Dr. V K Paul said recently adding that the government is planning to do an audit to access what needs to be done in the worst-case scenario.

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