Youth Congress launches nationwide helpline against Corona virus


New Delhi, Delta News: In these times of great hardships, when the whole country is struggling to fight the novel corona virus pandemic, the Indian Youth Congress stands determined to work shoulder to shoulder with the government in this fight. To address the issue of medical supplies, PPEs, groceries, food and clean drinking water to the underprivileged masses, various teams of the IYC are working across the country, day and night to ensure proper supply of these basic necessities. The IYC has also launched nationwide helplines to help the stranded and the impoverished people, in any manner possible.

Today, as is evident from various news reports, the country is facing its worst epidemic crisis in recent times. COVID-19 cases in the country have surpassed 1,000-mark and the death toll has risen to 27. Along with all the infections, as well as the deaths, there has also been an unprecedented rise in unemployment across the daily wage sector and the unorganized sector, which has led to massive migration of the underprivileged people, from bigger cities to countryside. This surge has unfortunately also ensured the inaccessibility of these masses to things of basic necessities as enumerated above. While, government across the country are making their own provisions to reach out to these people, IYC is doing its bit in ensuring proper and clean supplies to the impoverished. In order to achieve this common goal, various teams of the IYC have been deployed throughout the country and volunteers of the IYC are participating in overwhelming numbers. More importantly every activity is being closely monitored and mirco-managed by Krishna Allavaru(Incharge, IYC) and Srinivas B.V. (National President, IYC).

Srinivas B.V. ji also said that all IYC cadre across Vidhan Sabha level, District level, State level and National level are working relentlessly to get relief to the affected group of people, while following all governmental guidelines regarding social distancing and other precautions.

The idea behind these activities is not to achieve any particular political objective but it is to inspire the masses by leadership, so that privileged people may also contribute towards the betterment of the destitute in these trying times.

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