Why Wearing Face Masks Is Necessary In COVID-Affected Areas?


New Delhi: With over 7.2 million confirmed infections and over 410,000 deaths recorded at present globally, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to keep the world on its toes and the authorities devoid of any sleep while stepping forward to control the spread of the contagion infection.

After months of lockdown, as the economies worldwide start reopening, the emphasis remains on social distancing, frequent cleansing/sanitisation and use of masks as a COVID-protection measure among others.

However, the World Health Organisation has been fairly inconsistent in its guidelines underlining the use of masks as a public measure being adopted to fight the Coronavirus.

Because COVID-19 is primarily spread through respiratory droplets expelled through coughing, sneezing and even speaking, face masks act as a barrier keeping droplets from projecting outwards or landing on vulnerable areas of your face. “These cloth coverings should fit snugly yet comfortably against the side of the face and should be secured with ties or ear loops,” Bahl said. “By using multiple layers of fabric, you can increase the efficacy of these masks as well. If you are going to use one of these masks, you should routinely wash them using the hottest tolerated temperature setting.”

Face masks are necessary whenever one steps out, but are not sufficient protection in themselves. The health organisations across the globe insist that the usage of a mask alone will not provide an adequate level of protection against the virus and recommend several other precautions to keep in mind while wearing masks.

The Ministry of Health recommends having two sets of face covers so that one can be washed while the other is used. Hand washing also remains an essential criteria and should be practised before wearing the face cover. Also, it is important to keep the face covers safely, washed properly with soap and hot water, and dried properly before they are used.

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