websites had replaced the traditional ways of media


Nowadays,the world has started to be digitized and it made our work more easier. Internet services are provided in every corner of the world. The Internet has been the most effective source of small business. Most of the people are connected through social media. Mostly people prefer online business rather than the traditional way of business. Most of them use the internet for gaining information about a particular topic and they can search online about the relevant topic. According to the red bull graph, online businesses are going on a hike. Digital marketing and business replaced the use of traditional marketing and business. It’s not incorrect If we say that without a website business is like it doesn’t exist.

A website is a collection of webpages of related content that is classified with the writer’s name and it is published on a web server. Websites are mostly of particular topics such as news etc. people access in many ranges of devices. Without a website it will be difficult to address the people with reliable services. A website can attract new customers. It also helps to look professional on a platform. Websites play crucial role in branding and promoting even of the small business that’s why we can’t grow our business without having a website. Also It gives detailed and clear information.There are few business that growed because of websites: Wix that is best for the small business,Squarespace which is used for building a business brand, Godaddy which is used for online business,Weebly is best for money value, Zyro is for business, Jimdo is for ADI functions, Duda is used for web design business, is for business blogs, Site123 is for site speed reliability.These are few common examples of website that helped to grow business. Website can be the work of a particular person, business or an organization.

People spend more time on social media than before and brands promote their site or products online which helps them to gain a target audience.The main social media platforms are facebook,instagram and youtube.everyone wants to earn money that’s why they prefer websites as websites are gaining more attention of target audience as websites includes blogs, articles, social media posts etc.

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