Want to lose weight, Try walking instead of workouts


For weight loss, most people think that only intense workouts show their effect, while this is not entirely true.  You can also consider morning and evening walk to reduce weight.  Although, it can take time to lose weight by just walking, but if it is the right way, then weight loss is not that difficult.  Especially those people who feel uncomfortable or do not find time to do intense exercise or workout, they can benefit from morning walk.  Just know how long to walk for weight loss and how.  Some tips will also come in handy.

So how many steps per day?

To lose weight, it is necessary to walk about 15,000 steps daily in a day.  You can also have an app on mobile to count steps or take the help of smart watch.  In both the forms your steps will be counted.  And this is not a morning or evening walk, but a walk wherever you have gone throughout the day, so you do not need to take much tension.

It’s Different when you walk uphill

There is a difference between walking on a straight level and walking on an uphill place.  Walking uphill takes more energy and helps in burning fat.  It also helps in building muscles and improves metabolism as well.

 Walk for 20 minutes

 Walk for 20 minutes at least 3 times a day.  Walking for 15 to 20 minutes is good for blood pressure.  It is more beneficial to walk 20 minutes 3 times than to walk 45 or 50 minutes together.

If not able to find time

 If you feel that you are not able to find time to walk during the day, then make yourself an excuse to walk in the rest of your work.  For example, park your car away in the parking space so that you get time to walk, have to go to the second or third floor, leave the lift and walk here and there in the house.

Green tea

 It is also good to drink green tea before going on a walk.  This boosts metabolism, which also helps in reducing weight.  It also enhances the fat burning process.

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