Twinkle Khanna and her daughter are spending time together reading and learning


Former actor and writer Twinkle Khanna is enjoying spending time with her daughter Nitara at home. In her latest Instagram post, Twinkle said she has still not told Nitara that the virtual school has ended and she no longer needs to learn maths and spellings.

”In the still, late afternoon sun, we read together. She, at lightning speed, the hare to my tortoise, as I underline phrases and scribble in the margins. Sometimes we write stories and painstakingly illustrate them. An honest confession, I don’t remember telling her that virtual school has officially ended and we can discard this hour meant for math and spellings. We hold on to this time, learning how to turn the pockets of our imagination inside out. #TheGiftOfTime,” Twinkle wrote in her post. She even shared a picture of Nitara with her books and notebooks.

Twinkle’s followers were impressed by the family’s book collection. “I spot a Satyajit Ray and Van Gogh!! Awesome the variety you have introduced her to,” wrote one. “Look forward to your recommendations. I have a 6 YO daughter. She follows the same practice of writing out words she doesnt understand,” read another tweet.

Twinkle, Nitara, Akshay Kumar and the rest of the family is currently in lockdown together. Twinkle recently shared a birthday wish for her mother, veteran actor Dimple Kapadia. She uploaded a picture that shows Dimple sitting on a chair as she flaunts her lustrous hair. “The beautiful birthday girl,”Twinkle captioned the image.

On Mother’s Day, she gave a shout out to all the ‘bad-ass mothers’ and shared what mother actually wants for the Mother’s Day. “I am going to tell you what mother’s really want for Mother’s Day or what at least I want for Mother’s Day. I want to be free of all responsibilities for an entire day. I don’t want anyone to ask me any questions,” she said in the video message.

“Don’t ask me where is your blue T-shirt, don’t ask me what is 15+73, don’t ask me what is going to happen to your ‘A’ level exams, don’t ask me what’s for lunch, don’t ask me when you can go and meet your friend, don’t ask me when the lockdown will lift,” she added.

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