This woman walks and jumps like a horse

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New Delhi April 06, 2020: There is a woman in Norway who has become an internet sensation due to her unique skills. Yes Ayla Christine can run and jump just like a horse. When he posted his video on Twitter it went viral on seeing him. In the video she was seen walking like a horse. In the video, she is not only running and jumping like a horse in a field but the cleanliness with which she jumped on the wooden bench is truly praiseworthy.

She has been learning this skill since the age of four. He said I loved dogs when I was four years old and I wanted to be like them. So when I came to know that I like horses I started doing what I learned.

Christine used to post videos of this unique talent on her Instagram account. All kinds of good and bad comments used to come on his video. However the account has now been deleted.

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