Things in the film industry need to go back to normal sooner rather than later : Neeraj Kabi


The last three months in the lockdown have been a revelation for everyone, including actors who discovered something they would’ve never thought of otherwise — shooting within the confines of their home. Actor Neeraj Kabi agrees that work from home is going to be a reality for at least the next six to seven months for a lot of people.

“I’m still waiting to see how we’re going to cope. How do we bring the project alive and how do we do work ? I don’t have any clue about this,” shares the actor, who himself has been working from home promoting his web series, Paatal Lok. 

However, Kabi hopes that things get sorted out real soon and the film industry is able to create innovative methodology on how to move forward.

“We’ll not be a victim of an external stimulus like this. We’ll definitely carry on. We can’t be sitting like this. It’s not possible. In our industry, work can’t be done from home. You can pluck out a company from a building, set it up at home and still run it. You can’t do that in our case. There are technical equipments required to record the sound, to shoot, man power and it also about team work. Work from home can never be a permanent reality for film industry,” he asserts.

While this crisis also affected his schedule like others, causing delays and re-scheduling of projects, Kabi considers OTT platforms a boon, as his neo-noir crime series made its way to the audiences despite the situation at hand.

But, the 52-year-old doesn’t think the web will be preferred over theatres in the long run like the case right now with filmmakers opting to release their films digitally due to shutdown of theatres.

“The lockdown is a temporary phase. Whatever is happening right now is a reaction to that phase. I don’t think anything that’s happening right now might be the actual structure of work. Some of it might be. Yes, the OTTs have become the go-to option even for filmmakers, but this is purely because of the condition we’re in right now,” he concludes.

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