These white things are dangerous for health, don’t consume them too much at all


“If you want to reduce obesity, then consume these things less and keep distance from them.” “If you are a diabetic patient, do not consume these things.” We often read and hear such things. But when it comes to food, many times we eat them ignoring all of the sayings, which can be very harmful in terms of health. So let’s know about those white things whose consumption is considered dangerous for health. White things like flour, sugar, salt, rice, bread, and pasta. Their excessive consumption is considered injurious to health. Especially if you are on a diet to lose weight or you are a diabetic.


Salt works to enhance the taste of any food. But consuming too much salt can be injurious to health. Eating too much can increase blood pressure.


Sweet food lovers like to eat sweets at any time. But excessive use of white sugar can be dangerous for health. It is high in calories which can lead to obesity.


Rice is made almost every day in an Indian household. Rice is an important part of our meal. But excessive consumption of white rice can cause obesity.


Many types of dishes are prepared from maida, which we all like to consume. But let us tell you that excessive consumption of flour can increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and cholesterol.

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