The incident of such misbehavior is coming against the Teachers, who have been given the status of God.

crime education

The incident is from Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, where a student was misbehaved by a teacher in a government school. A tribal student studying in the fifth grade, came to school wearing a dirty dress, the teacher took off the girl’s dirty dress in the school and started washing it herself. During this, the girl stood in a semi-naked state for about two hours. Then take his photos and put them in the official WhatsApp group. While making the student’s photo viral, the teacher called himself a friend of cleanliness, the teacher says that he did this only keeping cleanliness in mind. After the matter came to light, the accused teacher was suspended by the Assistant Commissioner Tribal Affairs Department.

The name of the teacher is being told as Shravan Kumar Tripathi, it is surprising to hear that such a shameful act is being seen in the government primary school under Jan Shiksha Kendra.

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