Sunil Lahri got disappointed when found, Arvind Trivedi was playing Raavan in Ramayan


Ramayan actor Sunil Lahri, known for playing the role of Lakshman in the Ramanand Sagar show, has confessed of being sceptical about Arvind Trivedi’s performance as Raavan. The actor revealed he was disappointed on learning about Arvind being chosen for the role of the prime antagonist.

Sunil, who regularly shares interesting trivia from the making of the show, opened up about his apprehensions about Arvind in his latest video. Talking about meeting Arvind for the first time, the actor shared that he felt he had come to meet someone on the sets. He said, “I was a bit disappointed when I came to know that he has come for the role of Raavan. I wondered Raavan was such a mighty character, how would he justify the role. But I was so impressed when he came out in his costume and makeup, and was a totally contrast personality.”

Sunil praised Arvind for his impressive entry on the show with a welcome song and said that he was impressed by his confidence. “I later realised he is a superstar in Gujarat,” he added.

During an earlier video chat with Hindustan Times, Sunil was asked about his preference if he had the freedom of choosing a role. The actor said, “I prefer doing Lakshman, if Lakshman is not an option for me, I will definitely like to do Raavan. He is so many shades to perform. There is a lot of variety for an actor.”

Ramayan makers have claimed the rerun of the show on Doordarshan has made records. Prasar Bharati CEO Shashi Shekhar Vempati, who played a major role in re-telecasting the show amid lockdown, had recently shared how the Ramayan rerun was laughed upon. Sharing how the decision was received by those around him, he told IANS, “They’re all, like, laughing. Who’s going to watch it? ! I had to tell them that, you know, India is very different. It’s not just the English speaking elite, it’s much bigger, much more diverse. So there was that worry.”

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