Such fallen actions were seen on a big cricket stadium

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Wednesday night, ICC Men’s-T20 World Cup Match between Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2022 went great, in which Pakistan won, where the victory should have been celebrated, there was an atmosphere of riots.

The match is being played quite peacefully but the atmosphere flares up when at the end fast bolwer Fareed Khan reduced Pakistan to 118-9 in the 19th over by having Asif Ali (16) dismissed, fans from both sides can be seen indulging in violence and damaging Sharjah Stadium.

Videos which surfaced on social media showed Afghan fans hurling chairs at Pakistani fans and shouting slogans like “Afghanistan Zindabad.” The Afghanistan and Pakistan players were separated before matters could go out of control and the match was completed without further stoppage. The authorities are yet to react to the incidents on and off the field.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is expected to have its say on the on-field confrontation between the players later on Thursday.

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