Sonu Sood has been helping thousands of migrant workers return home


Continuing to display his dedication and concern for migrants in Mumbai, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has offered help to a man who lost his wife and needs to go to his home town, Varanasi, for her last rites.

A fan tweeted to the actor, “Dear Sir @SonuSood @shubhamVawasthi My Neighbour Mr Sitaram Lost his wife at Native place Varanasi Trying to go to Varanasi For Spiritual Work They are total 3 member please help @SonuSood sir we don’t have any other option then you.”

Sonu was quick to respond with, “I am sorry for the loss. will send him tomorrow. He will reach his home soon. God bless.”

Sonu also extended help to an old man when his neighbour tweeted, “Sir @SonuSood humare ghrke baju me ek bujurg admi rhta hai yahi ambernath(kalyan) me Unko apne parivaar ke pass jana hai.Hum log ne bahot koshish kiya train ya bus ka magar kuch ho nahi para hai.unhe gorakhpur jana hai To kya aap unki madat karenge ghar pahuchme me pariwar ke pas.” Sonu quickly asked if the old man was ready to leave the next day and tweeted, “Kal ghar jayenge? Koi saath me jane ke liye hai jo unka khayal rakhe?Details bhejein.”

Sonu has not only being helping thousands of migrant workers in getting back to their native places amid the lockdown in wake of coronavirus pandemic, but has also been the most humble when it comes to receiving thanks from the beneficiaries. Sonu calls migrants his own family and brothers, insisting it is his duty to help them.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sonu took to Twitter to clarify that contrary to reports, he was not “stopped from entering a railway station in Mumbai”. “Just to set the record straight – I was not stopped from entering the station. I absolutely respect the protocols and have duly followed it. I had requested the state government for the train so that I could send the migrants back home to reunite them with their families,” he tweeted.

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