Smartphone Tips: From Password To Wallpaper, Make These Changes Immediately For Good Luck


Astro Tips for Smartphone: Smartphones are used by almost everyone in today’s time and over time our dependence on smartphones has increased a lot. Smartphone is very useful for us and helps in many things but do you know that we can also improve our luck with the help of smartphone. According to a report by Astrotalk, many small changes can be made on the smartphone, with the help of which your luck can shine. From phone’s password to wallpaper, know what kind of changes you should make to bring good luck in your life.

This should be the password of your phone

Please note that your phone’s password should be linked to your birthday. If the password of your phone was created by adding your birthday and your locker number or phone number, then you will definitely have good luck in your life. Also, keep in mind that the sum of all the digits of the password should be equal to the sum of your complete date of birth.

The color of your phone also affects your luck

Let us know what color phone you should use for good luck. The color of the phone should be selected according to your lucky number and your lucky number is the sum of your birthday numbers. Number one is red, number two is white, number three is yellow or golden, number four is brown, number five is green, number six is ​​silver, and number eight is blue. Or black and whose lucky number is nine, they should take a red or golden color phone.

Keep these things in mind while setting the wallpaper of the smartphone

The wallpaper of your smartphone represents your priority, that is, what is important in your life. If you want success in work then make your office picture as wallpaper, if money is important to you then use Lakshmi ji’s photo as wallpaper and if you want fame then your screensaver should be the rising sun

Put a picture of the sky for peace in life, if you want to increase your productivity then use the photo of a running horse and if you want happiness and good luck then use flowers as wallpaper.

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