Short Hair back in Trend


Short hair, don’t care seems to be the new mantra for Bollywood actors, with the likes of Kriti Sanon, Alia Bhatt and Radhika Apte going in for chic, sassy looks amid the lockdown. What’s more, American actor Hilary Duff recently shared on Instagram her short, turquoise hair, while model Bella Hadid’s new quarantine look with DIY bangs gained immense popularity.

But is short hair trend here to stay? Well, hairstylists opine that going for shorter lengths is one of best ways to update your look, and of course, playful short hair also means low maintenance and perfect way to maintain the tresses in summer.

Hairstylist and makeup artist Ambika Pillai believes that rather than chopping off the long manes, Indians have the mindset of tying it in a ponytail or a bun. “Short and edgy haircuts are happening, but a very minuscule percentage that will go ahead. But our population looks up to Bollywood celebrities, and if Alia Bhatt has cut her hair short, I’m sure a lot of people will do the same,” she says, adding that it’s best to consult your hairdresser before going for a makeover at home because you’ll have to live with it for another 6 months for it look decent.

Echoing this thought is hairstylist Jawed Habib, who feels that once you get used to the idea of having short hair, you can never go back to having them long. He also believes that cutting one’s own hair is the only way out, at present. “Even after the lockdown, initially people will be scared going to salon, the touch factor and safety is very important. The business will be disturbed for a few months but we will need to give a lot of education to staff,” he adds.

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