Sharing the video where a government official can be seen assaulting a woman who asked him to wear a mask, Bollywood celebs have demanded justice


Bollywood celebs, including actors Neha Dhupia, Athiya Shetty and Richa Chadha, have expressed their anger at the recent incident where a physically challenged woman was beaten with a rod for asking a man to wear a mask. The woman worked in a hotel in Nellore district under Andhra Pradesh tourism department and the accused is a senior employee of the state tourism department. The police later arrested the man.

A disgusted Richa tweeted sharing the video, “Once he’s done hitting her, other unkils walk WITH HIM, leaving the woman alone, lest he need to be comforted after this outburst of violence BY HIM. This is our society. You’re foolish if you think we’re not living in sickness! Sick. #BhaskarTuToGaya #UncleaPleaseSit.”

Neha wrote on Twitter, “What’s going on… this man and many more like him if they are out there need to be taught a lesson… everyone knows where his place is … seriously , where does this entitlement, ego, anger come from!!!”

Actor Athiya Shetty also posted about the incident and wrote, “absolutely disgusting. wtf is wrong with people.”

Producer Atul Kasbekar also shared the video and tweeted, “The lady in question is differently abled (read ‘handicapped’) This tough guy beats her up wt a piece of iron! For being asked to wear a mask! I’d like to go a round wt this brute in a ring. And he can keep his weapon. Let’s see just how tough he is then? What’s even more bizarre is that all the colleagues walk out with him after stopping this brutality and no one stops to help the lady up?!?What’s with you ‘men’?”

The incident came to light when the video footage obtained from the closed-circuit television cameras of the hotel went viral on social media. “Nellore district police are extremely sensitive to any violation or crime against women. Women safety is our top priority,” a tweet from the Nellore police department confirmed.

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