Seema Patra helps her abandon tribal in Ranchi

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Suspended BJP leader of Ranchi was planning to help abandon tribal in Ashram, who was allegedly kept captive and tortured for many years, to an ashram in Varanasi those who are not being able to walk or go to toilet on her own”, according to the original complaint with the Jharkhand Police.Patra’s son Ayushmann’s friend and government official Vivek Anand Baske, who had filed a complaint on the basis of which the 29-year-old tribal girl was rescued by the police, also claimed that the mother tried to commit her son to one had tried.

Mental Hospital. Baske told PTI, “Ayushmann told me that there were plans to drop Sunita at an ashram in Varanasi or throw her in a secluded place wrapped in a blanket.” According to the FIR, soon after Ayushmann Patra sent bloody pictures of the harassed domestic help, his mother forced him to the Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP) by local policemen, where he was admitted for a mental disorder, Ayushman accused Patra of forcing Sunita to drink her own urine, and requested his friend to save the maid before she suffered more damage.Ranjeet Kumar Singh Patra family’s driver later told Baske that “what Ayushmann Bhaiya said is true”. asked to bring him to the hospital next week, earlier attempts to save Sunita, when the driver had given her his phone to contact a relative, had to be aborted as Seema Patra came to know about the attempt and became enraged.

I fear for both Aayushman and his father Maheshwar Patra who was not allowed to even come to the balcony, as per driver Ranjeet’s information….. I have in a petition requested the Investigating Officer of the case to make the daughter of Seema Patra co-accused, as she had taken Sunita to Delhi, where too, she underwent inhuman torture,” he said.

A tale of inhuman torture has unfolded ever since Sunita was rescued by the police on the night of August 22. Sunita was found in an “indescribable condition” after police raided the residence, Argora Police Station in-charge Vinod Kumar had said. “She had severe wounds and burns all over her body, as examined by a female officer. She appeared to be highly malnourished. She is in a state of shock. Sunita claimed she was made to lick her own urine … many of his teeth are missing. He was allegedly struck with an iron rod.”The statement of the victim was earlier recorded before the magistrate.

A video of Sunita narrating her ordeal had gone viral on social media, following which clamour for Patra’s arrest had grown louder across the state and elsewhere. She was subsequently suspended by the party. After his arrest, Patra had claimed that he was innocent and was being framed in the case. He was sent to 14-day judicial custody on Wednesday.

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