Rooh Afza finished, make it at home this Ramadan 2021


The Holy month of Ramadan is here. In India, Ramadan began on the evening of 12th April and would end on 12th May. Said to be the most pious month of the year, Muslims across the world are observing fasts from sunrise to sunset, with no food or water. They break their fast only after the evening prayers and with a special evening feast known as iftaar. If you have attended any iftaar party, then you surely know how lavish it can be. From fruits to chaats and pakodas and more – an iftaar spread includes everything delectable. While the choice of dishes in the menu varies from person to person, there’s one thing that remains constant in every person’s list. And it is the refreshing rose sherbet, or as we popularly call it Rooh Afza.

Rooh Afza is a rose syrup concentration (concentrated squash) that was formulated in 1906 in Ghaziabad by a person named Naqi Ali Shah and was launched from Old Delhi. Later, it was manufactured by the companies founded by him and his sons; and since then, it remains a popular drink among all across India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Its popularity reached such heights that today, Rooh Afza and rose sherbet is synonymous with each other. And we just love stashing bottles of Rooh Afza at home whenever we need them.

However, there are times we run out of Rooh Afza and look for alternative options to prepare our favourite rose sherbet. In fact, we all have been through such situations, where we find an empty bottle of Rooh Afza in the refrigerator just before serving the meal. Fret not, we have got you covered here.

We found a delicious rose sherbet recipe that will help you prepare a Rooh Afza-like drink in just 10 minutes. Yes, you heard us. All you need for the drink are sugar syrup, rose petals, rose essence and milk. Let’s find out how to make a glass of aromatic rose sherbet.

First make sugar syrup and add rose petals and rose flavours in it. Mix everything well. Now, add milk and rose essence to it. And in a jiffy, Gulab sherbet is ready to relish.

To serve this special rose sherbet, fill 1/4th cup of sherbet in a glass and add cold water to it. Mix everything well and serve. You may also squeeze some lemon juice on it to add some tanginess to the drink.

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