Right Way To Eat Corn


New Delhi March 30, 2020: Corn on the cob is incredibly delicious, but it’s not the easiest food to eat. Eating “bhutta” is quite messy and you might leave some residual corn left on the cob.

With the coming of the rain clouds, the skies get overcast and gloomy, but we all heave a sigh of relief after catching a break from the oppressive heat of the summers. Rains have always been revered and celebrated in India, not just due to our agrarian history, but also because we have such rich and enjoyable culinary traditions of the monsoon season. From enjoying a cup of piping hot tea with bhajiyas and samosas while watching the rain, to eating bhelpuri and corn on the cob during a windy beach day, monsoon is a time to revel in food. Bhutta is connected with the cool feeling of rain drops on our skin and we all enjoy eating roasted corn on the cob. But, we’ve probably been eating it wrong all our lives!

Corn on the cob is incredibly delicious, but it’s not the easiest food to eat. We usually roast the corns on the fire, smear it with some chaat masala and lemon juice and then proceed to bite into the juicy corn straight from the cob. You might have noticed that this method is generally quite messy and not very efficient, as there is residual corn always left on the cob that you have no way of removing. But, there’s another way of eating corn on the cob. The technique comes from Hokkaido in Japan and it follows an ingenious but very simple way of removing the kernels from the corn cob.

As you remove the corn from the cobs it becomes easier to eat and you can also try many dishes with the corn like corn kabab, corn chat,and many more.You can also eat boiled sweet corn as it is more delicious then the roasted corn. By removing corn from the cobs you can eat it easily in a very sophisticated manner. If you are in metro or restraunt and small outlets on metro station may be you had seen that the serve the corn in cup or plate and give a spoon to eat it shows that eating in sophisticated manner makes your personality and doesn’t give a chance to anyone to judge you.

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