Preity Zinta giving husband a haircut


Actor Preity Zinta has been home in self quarantine with her husband Gene Goodenough for the last 83 days. She has been entertaining all with her funny Instagram videos and workout pictures. On Wednesday, she posted a video of her giving her husband a haircut

She wrote: “I know he really trusts me when he lets me cut his hair I’m hoping it goes well otherwise… I don’t even want to think about it. Pls pray that Mr Goodenough gets a Goodenough haircut #lockdownhaircut #patiparmeshwar #haircut #quarantine #ting.” In the video, she joked about how her this act could make or break her marriage.

A day before she had shared a hilarious video of Gene and their pet Bruno doing coordinated comic head move in a video. Sharing it and hoping that it would bring a smile on everyone’s face, she wrote: “Side effects of home quarantine Need I say more Hope when it’s all over we are still Sane and I hope this brings a SMILE to your face if you are stressed and worried at home #Day82 #Patiparmeshwar #Bruno #homeentertainment #ting.”

Looks like Preity’s mother is also with her. In mid May, she had posted a picture of the three of them in masks and written: “Life Aaj Kal Hope everyone is wearing masks ? It’s the only way we can fight this virus and lockdown together and make a difference #patiparmeshwar #Beresponsible #Ma #Ting.”

Preity’s workout videos are equally popular. Some time in April, she had posted a video of her workout where their pet Bruno is an active participant. Sharing the video, she had written: “Nothing like an improvised workout. Bruno gets to play tug-o-war ( it’s great for building confidence and jaw strength in puppies ) and I get to do biceps curls Of course I could not do more than 7 cuz he’s too heavy but we still did a few This pandemic may have kept us Indoors but it will NOT break our spirit. #lageraho #pzfit #stayhome #staysafe #day24 #quarantine #dutchie #dutchshepherd #dogsofinstagram #bruno #ting.”

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