“Pihu varma” becomes sensation after ‘reporting’ on Covid 19, wins hearts online

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New Delhi, Aanchal Arora: It’s rightly said that hard times are sometimes blessing in disguise. It takes me immense pleasure to be a part of such a country where the young guns are fighting against such global pandemic in such a strong manner. One of the such budding talent is Pihu Varma, a third class student of Amity International School, Noida, who is very much aware of the current scenario of the world.

While interviewing her mother we came to know that how her daughter one day was watching anchors over the TV and said “I want to host shows, talk and be an anchor likes them”. Her mother at the first place took it casually like any other mother but later she got flabbergasted when her elder daughter recorded her, after the little girl insisted her mother to do so. Her mother gave her some material on corona virus for reading, she memorized it thoroughly. It was astonishing to watch a girl of such a young age speaking so fluently in one go.

It is great to see that the young generation of India is getting more talented and passionate about their future and being aware of ongoing crisis. Today’s generation is more career oriented. Children in today’s competitive world are working towards improving their holistic skills. If young mind will be more fresh and innovative it will help in the progress of the country. But adequate opportunities should be given to the youth to represent their ideas and policies for the upliftment of the nation. There are many children in India like Pihu Varma who have hidden talent they just need the right platform to showcase their skills.

Pihu Verma reporting on Corona Virus

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