Only 1 year old girl is appreciated by India Book of Records for identifying the flags of 120 countries in just one time


New Delhi:  K. S. Saarah of Chennai, Tamil Nadu is appreciated by India Book Of Records for correctly identifying flags of 120 countries, ten countries on the world map and ten famous Indian and international personalities at the tender age of 1 year and 11 months. During this lockdown, instead of spending time lavishly, she had thought of utilizing it in a better way.  Her father used to travel abroad. I used to say dad went to singapore, dubai like that. She’ll say the names clearly in age of 1.5 itself. We thought of teaching country names, but it was already there. so started with country flags and it happened. She learned 120 countries in just 1 and a half months. But the task of shooting the video takes more time.

Saarah’s mother says that “The most interesting story is related to romania and chad. At early stage she read chad. “After a month i taught her romania. She told, mom Romania is looking like chad S.” I was really surprised. She is that much accurate and Memory power of hers is very shocking for us.”

Video taking was the greatest challenge we had. She knows. But as it was 120 countries in one go. We felt very tough as she is very mischievous somehow we managed and shooted the video if you go through the video, we made her sit in beanbag which is on a oonjal.

Everyone felt great. It was the proudest moment that we ever had in our life. Everyone was surprised to see that a girl can identify the flags of 120 countries in this tender age. She is happy enough. Because she is not sure what’s happening because everyone around her is appreciating and giving her chocolates. 

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