Need strong bones, eat this flour bread

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Nowadays, due to lifestyle and food habits, many problems have started happening. These days people have become so busy in their work that they do not even care about their health in such a situation, the most common problem that is seen is the weakening of bones. Strong bones are necessary to keep the body healthy with increasing age, it is natural to have weakness in bones after the age of 35, calcium deficiency starts in the body, which affects the bones and teeth the most but nowadays, complaints of weakness in bones are being seen even in young people. For the proper development of bones of children and adult Vitamin D and calcium both are very important to take care of bone health. You must take care of your bones to avoid bone pain, prevent bone fractures and reduce the risk of dangerous diseases like osteoporosis.

If bones are to be made strong then there is a need to stay away from some habits, one of which is ragi and millet roti for bones We eat wheat bread in everyday life. But apart from this, there are many such cereals which keep you healthy about which very few people would know one of them is ragi and millet flour rotis. Ragi and millet flour roti is very healthy for bones many nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamins are found in it, which work to keep the body healthy. Bones are strengthened by eating both of these rotis. Old age people must eat its rotis. This will give relief in joint pain.

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