Medicines: Boon Or Cause Of Diseases?

  • Dr. Biswarup Roy Choudhary’s amazing claim
  • Drug / Insulin Tapping System (DITS)
  • The patient ‘s medical history of the dietary decide to
  • days in diabetes from Cutkra
  • Type 1 diabetic and insulin on dependent patients to specialized care

New Delhi, 1 September 2019 – Dr. Biswarup Roy Choudhary, Medical Nutritionist and Ph.D. (Diabetes), in New Delhi’s Kamani Auditorium, today raised awareness on many medical issues related to an event called ” Polio Drops from Drugs Insulin” . He described how often a drug actually causes a disease rather than providing a cure. This is very surprising, his research only revealed these things.

Polio has been eradicated in India. Polio Drops is responsible for this despite the campaign’s big claims.

DR. Biswrup Roy Choudhury said that ” on average, each year  the government data to see if the things our country 50,000 to more child polio the vaccines to cause paralysis of the grip of the former are. When you polio vaccine to those two drops to give you, if you do find is that In fact in those two drops in what is? Those two drops in a polio virus does is, that polio to birth giving can do. The difference is only so much is that this particular virus least amount of traveling is, but it is alive is. Therefore, he child that polio affects say, And instead now his by ships are the new names to be called is a – Anpiafpi- non- polio acute Flasid Paralisis- very complicated name is. In addition, these days, braces for Rekmend not be expected. “

DR. Biswrup Roy Chowdhury (PhD in diabetes) their coming task ’72 hours in diabetes to ‘rid known for. With his works, Dr. Chaudhary has not only proved the medical world, but patients who have been suffering from diabetes for three long decades can get rid of diabetes in three days, and the myth that “sweet fruits of diabetic patients Are harmful for you ”. In fact, he advocates that by consuming large amounts of sweet fruits, you can cure diabetes. If you maintain a sugar level of less than 250ml / dl (without medicines), then you are not a diabetic patient.

During this event, Dr. Chaudhary also threw light on the rapidly growing type 1 diabetes in children in India.

DR. Biswrup Roy Choudhury had said that ” a pharma company but also to the mystery not tell you because you know going to be that when even you some medicine to take you, whether that BP is to be, or cholesterol in for a medication, or insulin also to be, then it Actually in your body as to what that is. Are you really the feeling you have that you live there because you medicines to take to do? Well, the truth it is that you type to the still  living there. If you are a diabetic patient are, or if you bp Medicine at the, or even to that if you are insulin dependent are, then your body you have, and you move the sieve will. So, it ‘s place is where a curry Research  on based on my new built sport diabetes chess game  comes to. “

Launched on July 25, 2019 in the Embassy of India in the UAE, the diabetes chess game claims to rid anyone not only of prescription drugs, but also to devise a correct diet plan; Thus a diet plan which will save from diseases in future also.

DR. Biswrup Roy Chowdhury ‘s about to: Dr. Biswrup Roy Chowdhury (PhD in Diabetes) is known to “get rid of diabetes work ’72 hours of their arrival, is to treat it through a three-step protocol, which    Called ‘ DIP Diet’ . They have centers in India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Switzerland, where they conduct their accredited program called ’72 Hours Diabetes Tour’ through the ‘Diabetes 72’ app. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records, and has written books that are available in all major languages ​​including English, Hindi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, Bahasa.

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