MBBS doctor stunned by the taste of Chaiwala, both made a unique love story

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Love has no boundaries and no walls. A person can conquer anything in the world with love. Wealth is not seen to love and be with someone, but heart and behaviour are enough. That’s why even the princesses used to fall in love with ordinary people and the hearts of the princes also fell on ordinary girls. One such story has come out from the neighbouring country of Pakistan, which has once again proved the power of love.

This story defies the discrimination of high and low in the society and it is enough to tell that no one will be small or big if there is a rule of separate love. The unique love story of a doctor and a chaiwala in Pakistan has gone viral on the internet and people are praising them a lot. Doctor Kishwar praises her husband fiercely and tells that she was blown away by his Tehzeeb, while Shahzad says that he had never thought of this in his life.

Doctor Sahiba’s heart came to the chaiwala

On the YouTube channel named “Mera Pakistan”, this couple told their strange love story. While talking to YouTuber Harish Bhatti, the couple residing in Dipalpur in Okara tehsil told how they fell in love with each other. Kishwar says that she lost her heart at the admiration of her husband Shahzad, while Shahzad found her very beautiful. In the hospital where Kishwar was a doctor, Shahzad used to serve tea and clean. Shahzad says that he had never thought of this, but luck had it approved.

Kishwar himself proposed to Shahzad

You will be surprised to know that Kishwar, who has done higher studies like MBBS, herself proposed Shahzad. She says that Shahzad did not look like a cleaner or a chaiwala and one day he asked for her phone number and started talking. Kishwar herself expressed her love by inviting Shahzad to her room. At first, he was shocked, and he even got fever. Well, later they got married. After marriage, Kishwar left the hospital job because she would have to bear the taunts of the society. Now doctors are planning to open a clinic nearby. People are encouraging and wishing her through this video.

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