Knowledgeable Child is appreciated India Book Of Records


New Delhi March 31, 2020: Childhood is the most critical phase that leads to the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of an individual. Free from any worldly pressures and responsibilities, it is both a learning as well as enjoying period that lays the groundwork for his or her future. Some take quite a long time to figure out what they are best at and then continue to work on the same. Whereas, there are a few children who prove their calibre in a particular field and achieve success at a young age.

Nhihaan Shankarananda is one such child who has shown an ardent zest towards achieving great heights in the future at a very young age. Born on August 23, 2015, in Bengaluru, Karnataka, he has exhibited his strength of knowing and remembering things for a long period. He holds a record for answering 75  general knowledge questions within 8 minutes, as confirmed on April 3, 2019. These questions were upon Vedas, continents, oceans, scientific inventions, largest animals, questions on the solar system, President, Prime Minister, and national animals, to name a few. This accomplishment of Nhihaan has been recorded by India Book of Records and has granted him the title of ‘Knowledgeable Child’.

To achieve something like this is what many cannot imagine even in their twenties or thirties. Breaking such preconceived notions Nhihaan is an exception who has emerged as an achiever at a very small age. According to Nhihaan’s family, he was never forced by them into this thing. Instead, this came out very naturally and developed gradually with every passing day. Nhihaan’s mother has said that all this has been a result of his sharp memory, grasping power, and sporting nature. He would remember every conversation with her without missing out on any point. Unlike other kids at his age, he would not forget things in a day or few. Instead, every story or fact that his mother used to tell him would stick to his mind and transform into a lifelong memory.

Nhihaan’s family always believed that every child should be encouraged to learn more about what he or she is good at. Today, we would not have legends like Lata Mangeshkar or Sachin Tendulkar, had their parents not supported them in what they were best at. So, this is what compelled Nhihaan’s mother to sense this speciality of him and motivated him to continue on this by diving deeper into this. Unlike other parents who usually play videos on their phones while feeding their children, she kept telling him stories of different countries, Prime Ministers of those countries, names of animals, and several other such things.

Nhihaan is one example of how big can children achieve at a small age, if they are guided well. Once they receive the support and encouragement for whatever they are best at, the results obtained would be beyond excellence. So, parents need to realise what intrigues their child the most and back them until they achieve what they deserve in their field of interest.

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