Kangana Ranaut and Pooja Bhatt have had a face-off on Twitter over the issue of nepotism


Actor Kangana Ranaut’s team has slapped back at filmmaker Pooja Bhatt’s latest tweet in which she attempted to prove that Kangana owes her career to Pooja’s father, Mahesh Bhatt. Pooja and Kangana (via her team) have been feuding over the past few days, about whether or not Kangana should be grateful to the Bhatt family for launching her.

Kangana’s team seemed to take a defensive position in response to Pooja’s Thursday tweet, and wrote, “Pooja ji Kangana is thankful to Vishesh films fr launching her but she wants outsiders to be treated better,She is thankful that her ex broke up with her but she wishes it ws done respectfully,She feels fortunate to fnd success in world run by men but she wishes patriarchy ends.”

In her tweet, Pooja had shared a video of Kangana thanking Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt, after winning the Best Debut honour at the 2006 Filmfare Awards, for her performance in Gangster. “Guess videos lie too? Upside-down face Besides, it takes two to battle. I leave the denials & accusations to more evolved souls. I rather put forth facts,” Pooja had written in her tweet.

Previously, Kangana’s team had said that it was director Anurag Basu, and not the Bhatt brothers, who spotted the actor’s talent and cast her in Gangster. Pooja had written in her original tweet, “As for Kangana Ranaut-She is a great talent,if not she wouldn’t have been launched by Vishesh films in Gangster.Yes Anurag Basu discovered her,but Vishesh Films backed his vision & invested in the film. No small feat. Here’s wishing her the very best in all her endeavours.”

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