How to stay motivated during a lockdown


Panic surrounding COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress and anxiety, and with confirmed cases rising day by day, it is entirely understandable that people feel stressed and worried about their loved ones.

While it’s essential to take care of your physical health by washing hands, practicing social distancing and staying at home, I think it’s equally important to take care of your mental health as well.

Through this the article, I would like to give you an alternative plan spending your time during the lockdown and tackling this productivity and positivity.

Well, to make this time productive we all can make 21 habits which we all should follow and be consistent with it.

1. Positive vibes only

Being optimistic is very important as being optimistic reduces the probability of being compelled by negative thoughts.

2. Start reading

 We need to read as it reduces stress and expands our mental horizon.

3. Exercising

Exercising is essential as it helps us control our weight and improves your mental health and mood.

4. Work on your hobbies

We all can work on our hobbies like drawing, dancing, cooking, baking, etc.

5. Declutter and donate

Being stuck at home gives you the necessary time and motivation to take a careful look around your surroundings; you can take the time to identify things you rarely use and clean up some space.

6. Family time

Some of us are very fortunate than others and have the luck of being home with family. So now take the advantage and utilize this time to bonding with your loved ones.

7. Reflect and Redefine

Having time to ourselves is prerequisite to the sessions of reflecting upon our flaws and redefining ourselves by working through our flaws

8. Do an online course: skill up or reskill

Several reputed universities are offering online courses, and there are several apps too which are providing online courses

9. Get rid of an old habit

You all utilize this time to get rid of an old habit like Caffeine consumption, smoking, drugs, etc.

10.Relive your childhood

By going through photo albums, you can go down the memory lane and also refresh it by playing games like ludo, snakes, and ladder.

11. Make a list of things doing after lockdown

You can write down the items you want to do after lockdown is over like selling an old car, visiting your best friend, playing football, joining the gym, etc.

I hope these few simple tips/reminders help you to keep yourself motivated, productive and most importantly, positive during this time!

–    Chavi Hemanth : Motivational Speaker, Brand Developer, Business Strategist

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