How to build up muscle mass fast?


When it comes to physique improvement, muscle building is often being a top priority because muscle Provide a great strength, increase stamina, reduce stress and anxiety and also responsible for various secretion of hormones in our body.

Many people complains that they are regularly going to gym or doing exercise but they could not get results or changes in their muscle mass as they want. So how to increase your muscle mass at faster rate?  

So there are some tips to improve Your muscle mass:

Get use to Calorie surplus.

As much you eat you can get many calories as you want so in muscle building calories plays in an important role because it provides energy to our body to do various activities in your daily life and protein is considered as  direct muscle building diet. You should take at least four time meals in a day rich in carbs(Carbohydrates) But you should aware that you should not get unhealthy carbs like from pizza ,burger, or any other fast food. Food that are rich in Carbs are Chapattis, rice, potato, yogurt fruits and vegetables etc.

High meal frequency

It means that you should have to eat more and more frequently. The diet gap should be 2 To 2.5 hours Because throughout all the day your muscles are regularly breakdown or building in process because the goal is to build up muscle mass fast so it is very necessary to maintain nitrogen level in our body.

Never skip your meal

You should know that by going to gym or doing high intense workout is not responsible for muscle building Because by doing exercise or intense training for your muscles breakdown not for muscle building process. Your muscles build when you are on your recovery phase means when you are not doing workout and it totally depends upon your meal so never skip your meal even a single time even in your off days Note that, muscle building is how much you give time for recovery not for doing high intense workout or exercise.

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